ResultsEspoir Rob Walker takes the win at Hillingdon

Having raced the 3/4 at the bowl the Thursday before and ridden what I though was a good race, but ultimately failed to get inside the top 10 and gain a few more of the 40 points I need this season to gain my 2nd Cat. license, I approached this race with some confidence in my form and an eagerness to prove myself.

With only around 20 riders in the field, I wasn’t sure how the race would pan out. The answer: attacks from the word 'go' as riders tried to splinter the field and shell the weaker riders out the back. Despite the almost never-ending surges in pace, nothing seemed to stick, and most of us caught on to this, the race eventually settling down; although, a rider from 'Look Mum No Hands' wasn't having any of it and continued to try and break every 3 or so laps for the entire race, only to be reeled in by the bunch 30 seconds later!

After 20 laps it came to the Prime Lap; I was slightly hesitant about showing my hand early in the race, concerned that I would be marked when it came to the finish. However, the £20 up for grabs and the childish glee one gets from rocketing across the line at top speed got the better of me and I duly picked up the prime from a bunch sprint, just edging out Gary Taylor of Handsling Racing.

After the excitement of the Prime, I decided to bide my time in the bunch as riders continued to surge at the front and as the 5 lap counter came up, began to position myself near the front. However, with nobody in a break (discounting the LMNH rider who continued to Yo-yo off the front), riders slowed down and were reluctant to pick up the pace and string out the bunch, instead focusing on conserving energy - to my frustration, this sedate pace continued lap after lap. With one and a half laps to go and the pace akin to that of a fast club run rather than a race, I decided to make my move. Clicking up a couple of gears and putting the hammer down, I soon opened up a descent gap on the bunch, with nobody seeming interested in putting on a chase, and found myself on the bell lap with a 10 second gap. A lap later, managing to hold on to my lead, I rounded the last corner knowing victory was mine! My first win!

Thanks to Big Events for putting on a great race and also to all of you at the club who have been giving me lots of support and encouragement! Up the Wycombe!



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