ResultsEmma Wood 6th at Wallingford Crit!

Congratulations Emma! Check out her report here:


''Wallingford Festival of Cycling – 26/6/16! My first ever town centre criterium race and the odds were firmly stacked against me… I’d called the organiser two days before to explain that my bike was stuck in Nice. Hoping desperately for an excuse not to ride after 650km and 20000m vertical ascent in my legs from a 5 day Turin – Nice tour (organised by Guy and Tom Townsend), I was devastated that Steve chirpily offered me a bike to ride. Having been teased all week in the Alps about this crit race, scheduled for the day after we would arrive home, I simply couldn’t refuse… I picked up some Speedplay pedals from Robert Barrett, drove to Wallingford and jumped on the two-sizes-too-small bike from Tom at RP Vision and tried to shed some of the lactic from my legs in a ten minute warm-up. Unsuccessful in this, I lined up for the race and was warned about the tight corners on the course, before unhappily realising that I couldn’t properly steer because my foot hit the front wheel! Luckily I had just been given the most valuable lessons in Alpine descending by Guy and the other riders on tour – so I was able to shift all my weight into the outside foot and lean hard on my inside hand on the drops. This saved my skin on the corners and helped me make up time I was losing due to heavy legs and a microbike with a slammed stem! I happily managed to stay out of trouble – unlike a few other riders who got caught out as the course became increasingly greasy when the rain started to come down. With no Garmin, HR monitor or stopwatch I was riding on guesswork and the final lap bell came as a complete shock – I thought we were only halfway through! I managed to come home in 6th and consider it a success that I handed back the bike completely unscathed. This leaves me 1 point of a 2nd cat. license after 6 races. Thanks to all the Wycombe supporters out there – it made for a super atmosphere and really cheered me up; I only wished I could have told them why I wasn’t further up the road! It was a great end to the most perfect week of cycling''

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Emma the Everester

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