Results7th for Steve at windy Hillingdon E123 Races

Dec 17th, Hillingdon E123 - 7th
''Was in the middle of a pretty rotten cold, so wasnt expecting much other than to start getting used to moving around the bunch again. Warm-up felt horrible but as soon as the race started the adrenalin takes over and it immediately felt good to be mixing it up again. I had no aspirations from the race so was content to spend time sitting on wheels and staying in the bunch. It all felt a bit too easy, as it often does at Hillingdon, particularly if its windy, but I was conscious not to do too much work when feeling prettty rotten at the start. I was also pretty confident no breaks would go as the wind was strong and its too hard to stay away. The 5 lap board went up so moved up into a top 8 position. I didnt surge quite enough at times on the last lap to stay ahead which cost me some sprinting space later, but managed to come around some slow finishers and take 7th. Mental note - my sprint was only a 90% of total effort, so if I can wheel surf again and wait for the sprint, a better result is due''