ResultsJan 14th Hillingdon Race: Steve James

Jan 14th, Hillingdon E123 - ?
Again, the plan for today was to do a bit more work than normal and not put pressure on the sprint and stress. Tom Hargreaves (elite rider) clipped off the front after 5 or so laps and the bunch sat up, so my first chance for work! I spent 1.5 laps on the front and eventually dragged him back. The second the catch was made his team mate, Barnabas, immediately launched the textbook counter attack and dragged 3 guys along... and that was the winning move! I made two other efforts to drag back breaks, and when the sprint came I again found myself in the wind so decided to make an early effort round the outside of the bend and led out the spint. I got a few meters gap but the surge came and I was engulfed 50m before the line. Life shared down with Bob McGlue for his first time with the E123's. He handled it real well and even though he punctured and re-joined, he was near me on the last lap but got bounced on the last corner and ended up on the grass.