ResultsJan Hillingdon E123 Races for Steve James

Jan 8th, Hillingdon E123 - bunch
Actually had an interval training day planned, but late on Friday evening the organisers emailed and said they had a spot - duly accepted. Having rode down to the race, I decided today to make it a bit harder for myself and was going to be more race-active and respond to attacks.. all in the vain of better training. There were 2x elite riders from the new

​ly formed​ Nunn Sigma Sport team, I know both of them and saw on Twitter earlier in the week that they spent a few turbo sessions together... I knew they would work as a close unit. There was less wind today so more chance of a break, and after 10mins of scouting the pack I worked up to the front and almost immediately the attacks started. The Nunn Sigma Sport guys were playing the game of taking in turns to counter moves, so it got harder and harder. I found it ok to follow the attacks, and although a break of 3 went away with about 10laps to go, I was confident Barnabas or Tom (Nunn Sigma Sport) would bring them back. It soon become apparent they couldnt though, the break stayed away for the win. WIth 2 laps to go I was about 10th wheel and was all lined out as the pack was ramping up pace. I made a silly mistake though - I decided I was too far back so would move closer to the front, but when I got to the front I couldnt get back in the wheels and basically spent the whole last 2 laps in the wind. To add insult to injury, when the sprint started a back-marker got in the way of a few riders which sent them straight in my path, so fearing a collision I sat up and rolled in with the bunch. As punishment to myself I convinced Kev Higgins to motorpace me home using his motorbike, on the ride home (Kev was there providing welcome support and taking pics). A fine training day, nice to feel the pain again.

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7th for Steve at windy Hillingdon E123 Races

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Jan 14th Hillingdon Race: Steve James