ResultsJunior rider Ollie smashes HWCC Open 25TT to come 6th overall!

Great ride Ollie! Read his report below!

PBs with exams.

With A level exams now in full flow, mixing training and work is something I hope I have got down to a fine art. Still motivated by a long, relaxing, cycling mad summer all over the globe!

Extra miles or extra revision? At this moment in time it is certainly the latter, however in just over a month (June 26th) I can assure you that one of those two things will almost permanently go out of the window for the best part of a month! (am sure you can guess which…). Regular check-ins with the coach is ensuring the fitness is improving by keeping the training focused, and the weight off my shoulders of not having to worry about trying to structure it myself is something that feels much better than when I was in this position last year.

Work aside, on 21st May I competed in the High Wycombe CC open 25M TT held on the H25/2 course. This was not just a standard open 25m TT, since it was also the 2017 HWCC club TT champs, something which I have thrived to achieve ever since joining the club, over 3 years ago now. With the form being a bit hit and miss as of late I knew that preparation leading up to the event would be crucial, setting out a plan for the week prior to the event I knew that should It be followed there would be next to no excuses! Heading down to the HQ I felt good, acknowledging and appreciating all the club marshals as I exited to roll out to the start. I stood on the start line knowing I would have to ride my own race, to a power I knew would be achievable, certainly not easily, however was achievable. They say some days you’re the hammer, and some days the nail, I certainly felt like the hammer on Sunday, riding a negative split power wise, feeling stronger as the event went on, even finishing feeling as if I could have given that little bit more, but I guess that’s always the case…I stopped the clock in 52:01, in my first ever open 25M time trial, second ever 25 and beating my personal best by over 4 minutes. This meant I was the fastest Wycombe rider and came 6th overall, amongst a very strong field. Again, an outstandingly organised event from the club, with marshals on every corner and even pushing you on with a cartwheel to distract you from the pain for that split second, a lovely touch!

Psychological battles are often the toughest battles when time trialling, and I feel that this side of the event has improved even greater than my physical side, being able to turn yourself inside out for a long period, and keep pushing even when your legs are screaming at you to stop. It’s a completely different game to what I had known cycling to be like in the past. It’s you, your bike and how ever much pain you are willing to put yourself through.

Coming up next is an open 10M TT on 29th May, where I will be hoping to set  another PB. Then come the ‘threshold’ of exams, 4 in a week from 5th June and then spanning out until the 26th.

Sadly no pictures from the event however I can promise many to come over the next few months!


Want to read more from Ollie? Check out his blog here:

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Cipo and Gareth's Chiltern Compass fun!

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