ResultsJason Harris smashes Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo 2017 to win a place at the Worlds!!!!

Great day out for HWCCs very own Jason Harris at the recent Tour of Cambridgeshire (127km)!

Congratulations, Jason! Qualification for the Worlds!

Read his report here:


''The day didn't start well when 15 minutes into my drive I realised I had forgotten to eat breakfast, pre-race nerves I guess.🙈Not the greatest preparation.
Arrived at 7:59 in Peterborough beating the £10 parking fee by 1 minute 😜. Things were looking up.
By 10:00 am riders were already making their way to the start gate, a good 2 hours before we were due to set off. Time to get myself ready and rushed down to the gate.
Managed to get myself near the front of my of the pen which would hopefully mean I wouldn't be stuck behind "choppers" having to shout " on your right".
The front group went off quickly and established a breakaway group of about 20 riders, including me. I kept in with them for about the first 50/60km, at which put I looked down at my data and realised I had been riding over my threshold into the red for the last hour! Game over.
I managed to get myself back in some sort of shape and as the next wave of riders came through I latched on. I was now well within my threshold and even found myself at the front dragging them round. The wind was blowing a gale and some of the smarter racers were saving themselves as I was soon about to find out.
The next 40km or so was fairly uneventful with no attacks, this was going to be a bunch finish.
As we neared the last 2km it all heated up and riders that had been hiding suddenly appeared near the front looking fresh, I was cooked by then and just happy to contest a sprint along the home straight, narrowly missing a pile up and finishing in a respectable 3hrs 17 mins.
I finished 54th of 828 in my age category which qualifies me for the Worlds in Albi later this year.
Up the Wycombe!''


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