ResultsNovember Cyclo-Cross News

The Central Cyclo-Cross League continued through November with the HWCC race support gaining more and more appreciation!


There was also racing! Overall, Caroline and Dena continued their occupation of the podium while Jonathon Chadwick and Chris Ford maintained their 'friendly' rivalry, but with Jonathon getting the upper hand. Jeff Roberts consolidated a great season with regular forays into the top 10. As the mud has started to bite, the High Wycombe crew have even been seen changing/washing bikes in the pits - almost like taking it seriously (while also adding to the fun!).


Round 8 took us to the zoo at Whipsnade for an attritional race in the long, wet grass. A good top 10 for Jeff and a 'best result' for Cipo.

V50 Jeff Roberts 7th, Chris Ford 19th, Jonathon Chadwick 22nd, Phil Porteous 30th and Paul Morrissey 49th and Stuart Twigg also made an appearance.

V60 Tony Eva 11th

V40 Jon Atwood 47th

Ladies V50 Caroline Goodman 1st, Dena Ford 3rd



Round 9 was a muddy trip to Hillingdon, although conditions turned out better than expected. Caroline and Jeff had a go 'Pit crewing' for each other, which wasn't too necessary in the end but added to the 'fun'. Mark Ainsworth had more technical problems, ending up on his MTB after breaking a spoke, but finishing well regardless.

V50 Jeff Roberts 13th, Jonathon Chadwick 17th, Chris Ford 22nd,  Phil Porteous 35th and Paul Morrissey 44th, Stuart Twigg 70th (Overall position as unaffiliated)

V60 Tony Eva 7th

V40 Jon Atwood 54th, Bobby McGlue 56th (Overall position as unaffilitated)

Seniors Mark Ainsworth 24th

Ladies V50 Caroline Goodman 1st, Dena Ford 3rd


Round 10 saw a visit to the 'trenches' of Swanbourne school - ride through the gloop? or run the sticky  mud?

V50 Jeff Roberts 10th, Chris Ford 23rd, Phil Porteous 44th and Paul Morrissey 49th

V60 Tony Eva 7th

V40 Bobby McGlue 46th (Overall position as unaffiliated), Jon Atwood 53rd

Ladies V50 Caroline Goodman 1st, Dena Ford 3rd