ResultsZwift Easter Stage Race


Over the Easter weekend Cipo organised a 4 day Stage Race.
This constituted a Friday Time Trial (17k TT on Tempus Fugit), Saturday 42k rolling road race( Sand and Seqoias), Sunday - Mountain road race (28k Alp de Zwift) and on Monday a flat road race (37k Volcano).

Stage 1 Tempus Fugit 17.6KM TT
Andy Davies takes the first Yellow Jersey- but lots to play for in the next 3 Stages. Stage 2 is the rolling road race . Anything could happen!
Champagne tonight for the tall guy...

1st Place -Andy Davies HWCC
Time - 24:52
WPKG - 4.3w/kg
Average power 328w

2nd Place Jeff Roberts HWCC
Time 25:16
W/KG - 4.0w/kg
Average Power 309w

3rd Place J Foster HWCC
Time 25:17
W/KG 4.2w/kg
Average Power 275w

Stage 2 42k rolling road race (Sand and Seqoias)
A rolling course today covering 2 laps of sand and sequoias with over 600 riders in the race - All cats rode from A to B. Victory on the day went to Bob McGlue with Andy Davies hanging onto the Yellow Jersey for a second day.
Note - the overall time is based on overall from two events so far ( so the shorter the time, the higher in the rankings ).

Stage 2 Results

1st Place Bob McGlue HWCC
57m 40s

2nd Place Andy Davies HWCC
58m 18s

3rd Place Mark Ainsworth HWCC
59m 25s

Overall Positions - 2 events qualify and only those completing 2 events are listed in overall ( this may change as riders complete the other 2 events )
Overall Position
Yellow Jersey - 1st Place - Andy Davies HWCC
2 Stages

Green Jersey 2nd Place -James Foster HWCC
2 Stages

Polkadot Jersey 3rd Place - Tim Nisbet HWCC
2 Stages

4th - Place Paul Morrissey HWCC
2 Stages

5th Place - Toby Ingham HWCC
2 Stages

6th Place - David James HWCC
2 Stages

7th Place - Paul Squires HWCC
2 Stages

Stage 3 (28k Alp de Zwift) ended in a tight finish with Andy Davies just nudging James Foster by a minute - So Chapeu to Tall Andy Davies bagging the Queens stage, and well done James on a tough stage.

There were several DNS and one DNF today - no surprise as a 4 stage event can leave you in pieces especially when stage 3 is Alp de Zwift ( Basically Alp de Huez).
Overall,after completing 3 stages, there was a big change in the GC. Monday should see some keen battles in the final stage for 2nd and 3rd places.

1st Place Yellow Jersey - Andy Davies
2nd Place - Green Jersey - Paul Morrissey
3rd Place - Polkadot Jersey - Paul Squires
4th Place - Toby Ingham

On to Monday's flat and fast 3 lap stage - plenty of chances to jump across groups and make up time. After 3 tough stages could the riders stick it and suffer to the finish?

Stage 4 - 37K Volcano Rolling Road Race - with HWCC riders all riding in the relevant W/KG and category .
Not all the riders who raced in this event took part in all 4 events so Stage 4 saw a mix of tired and fresh legs . The overall GC was not at risk so Bobby McGlue saw his chance for a stage victory and smashed the race to pieces. Andy Davies was close behind, but sore legs and fatigue got the better of him as he claimed 2nd place on the day. Andy Davies however took the overall GC.