General NewsCOVID-19 Club Run Guidance

** Updated 19th December**

Due to latest Covid restrictions all club rides are again cancelled.

**Updated 2nd December as club rides resume - see detail below.**

4th September

After much consideration and review, the club committee have agreed to resume Club Rides, albeit with some COVID-friendly restrictions.

British Cycling has produced guidance on the safe running of club rides. So, to adhere to current government guidance as a club we must ensure we run our groups in a way that will keep all our riders safe. Parts of this guidance are based on Newbury Velo COVID Club ride Guidance and we would like to thank them for their contribution.

In summary:

All Club Rides will be restricted to 6 people (including the ride leader).

Ride Leaders will publish Club rides on the HWCC Facebook page
Members who want to ride will have to sign up for a ride via the Ride Leaders Facebook post. No more than 5 club riders ( 6 inc the leader ) will be allowed to ride in the group.

We ask that everyone maintains social distancing of at least two metres (or one metre plus mitigations) at all times. Most importantly, if you or any of your household show any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been asked to self-isolate, please do not turn up.  Whilst as a club we have a responsibility for the safety of our riders and volunteers, there is also a responsibility for individuals to look out for each other and ensure everyone’s safety.

Signing up for a ride

Ride leaders will post a ride on the club's Facebook page.  If you want to ride please add your name to the post as wanting to ride.

The Club Captain will then look at the rider list and look to find leaders to lead the groups of 6.  If we are short of leaders, Ride Leaders will select riders on a first come first served basis ( this is at the Ride Leaders discretion ).
Ride leaders will contact all those they will be leading on the ride and confirm the location to meet, distance, and cafe stop.
Ride leaders will record the names of all those riding and this will be centrally recorded for track and trace purposes if required.
As above group ride details will be communicated via Facebook prior to the rides.
The Ride Leader will contact the relevant 5 riders they will be leading.
If you turn up to the ride without having registered as per above and have not been contacted by the ride leader you will be turned away.

Start times and locations may vary to ensure that people congregating at the start locations are kept to a minimum. It is important you check the ride details carefully with the Ride Leader.

Attending a ride

Remember to put a face mask in your jersey pocket, as you may need this in certain situations (cafe stops, etc).

If you or any of your household show any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been asked to self isolate, please do not turn up to the ride (you are unlikely to make yourself the most popular person around if you are the cause of everyone in your group having to isolate!).

Aim to arrive promptly before a group is due to roll out. Please do not arrive too early to keep the number of people congregating to a minimum.
Social distancing of 2 metres (or 1m+ with mitigations) should be observed at all times.
Maintain good hygiene practices at all times. In particular, avoid spitting, sneezing, and coughing that could affect nearby riders, we recommend that hands are washed and sanitised regularly.
A pre-ride briefing will be given by the Ride Leader, appropriate for the level of experience of riders and route.
The Ride Leader has the right to remove anyone not adhering to the COVID guidelines from the ride ( you will be asked to leave ).

Cafe stops

Please ensure that Face masks are worn at cafes. The Coronavirus can easily be passed on so please follow the Government guidance at Cafe stops and wear your face mask while ordering and queuing for food/coffee.
Please maintain a safe distance from your fellow riders at the cafe stops.
Please avoid any FB selfie pictures at Cafe stops ( if you take pic please ensure a mask is worn if you are close to fellow riders ).

The image of the club is very much on show at any cafe stop so please remember that you are an ambassador for the club and act accordingly.

During a ride

Social distancing of 2 metres will have to be maintained. If you are wheel sucking you are probably too close so please back off to a safe distance.
Where roads are wide enough and it is safe to do so, ride in pairs to ensure that the minimum amount of road is taken up. Two abreast riding is considered at all times to be non face to face .
Be aware of hazards and communicate these to your fellow riders
Whilst groups are being led it is important that riders should be as self-sufficient as possible in dealing with mechanicals.
We advise that each rider deals with their own mechanicals so as to maintain social distancing (friendly advice may be offered by your fellow group members)!
Each rider should have their own inner tubes, tyre levers, multitools, pump, etc.
There may be situations where other riders need to step in and provide assistance; in this case, you should use a mask and gloves.
As with all bike riding there is a risk, please ride within your own capabilities. British Cycling and High Wycombe cycling Club recommends that individuals take out personal insurance. You may already have insurance cover through your own personal British Cycling membership.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 whilst out on a ride, immediately inform the ride lead that you are dropping off and return directly home.


If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or receive a positive test having recently attended a Club Ride, please make the Ride Leader aware, so that people you have been in contact with can be informed.
The reputation of the club and the future of group rides in general relies on everyone taking part in club runs following current government guidance and we will need you to work with us on this one. However, we still hope to make sure these rides are fun and allow you to enjoy the roads of our beautiful countryside with good company.
We plan to review the status and member compliance over the next 3 weeks and reserve the right to amend and adapt the rules where we consider necessary to ensure COVID risk is being effectively managed on club rides.
Happy riding

High Wycombe Cycling Club