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HWCC Zwift Racing League

The aim of the HWCC Zwift Racing League is to provide a fun, inclusive racing format that encourages club members to get involved and enjoy racing. To make it more fun we are adopting a points scoring system that keeps the competition close and gives everyone a chance to move up the table and compete with their peers. Races will take place on Monday Evening, initially at 7pm on Mondays but may move to a slightly later time in order to choose an alternative race series that allows for separate start times. The league will run from 2nd November to 21st December inclusive.
Points System
The races will be scored according to Zwift Power results. All participants that want to be eligible for the league must have registered on ZwiftPower ( and have linked that account to their Zwift profile. Additionally the rider must join the HWCC Team on Zwift Power. This step will allow the results to be easily collated and any rider that is not registered on the team is likely to be missed out. Since rider categories are dictated by W/kg there will be no separation of results by gender, subject to review.

Points will be allocated by position relative to other HWCC riders and all non-HWCC riders will be ignored for the purpose of scoring. Points will be allocated to riders for each category A,B,C and D as follows:
1st place - 5 points
2nd place - 3 points
3rd place - 2 points
All other places - 1points
One additional bonus point will be awarded each time a rider achieves a 20minute W/kg PB or 15s W/kg PB, according to Zwift Power results. For simplicity, this will be taken to be a PB when ZwiftPower highlights either of these numbers in red. This can also happen if you equal a PB and points will also be awarded in this instance.

Those riders that do not have a power meter and are using ZPower will not be included in the award for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place but will still qualify for 1 point per race, as well as for 20min PB and 15s PB bonus points.
Points will be accumulated per rider over the series and will carry over should a rider move up or down in race category.

The overall league table will include people from all categories combined and a final aggregated league position will be published. Awards may be made at the HWCC committee’s discretion.

Latest results table