General NewsCaptains Zwift Series reports

I would like to thank you all for taking part in this lock down race series. I have had a lot of fun organising this event. Although most of these races have been hard going I have had a lot of fun as I'm sure we all have. Well done to all.
I will be holding another series later in the year when the cold and dark nights start to return.

Paul Squires (Club Captain)



Week 10
This week we headed over to Watopia, with the KATT RACE by WGK, for a 41km consisting of 3 laps of the Flat Route, finishing with the Climb to the top of the Volcana. This was a mass start, with all the Cats in one pen.
As with every other week it was a full on gas start, causing some going off too quickly as mixing in with the other Cats. I believe most people held their groups for most of the first lap, until we hit the hills of the Volcano when some of the groups started to split. But not to worry we only had 2 more laps to go. We all settled in groups for the remainder of the laps. It was then when we finally arrived back at the Volcano for the finale climb to the Top. It was then when we all had to try and dig in deep to see what we had left to get us to the top. Unfortunately for myself I went off to quick and stayed with the wrong group at the start, I just had nothing left and watched the group ride away from me.

Week 9
This week we had a late start resulting in the numbers being low for this race. It was the CRIT CITY DOWNTOWN DOLPHIN 12 LAPS 23.5km. These were short but fast laps with a short nasty climb in the mix.
The start was all  CATS together in the starting pens with a 1 minute start intervals. As normal it was full gas to start and hang on. The groups seemed to hang on until we hit the first climb which caused the breaks. It was a case then of trying to hang on with the group you were in, making sure you weren't dropped on the nasty climb for another 11 laps. Also seeing what power ups you were given on each lap. This was the first race we had done where it did matter that you were racing in the right CAT or you were being penalised by being held back, as Lyndon found out. But, in other CATS, other with the same issue won their category! That was a tough fast ride till the bitter end.

Week 8
This week we were in Watopia for the TRI247 Manic Monday TT Tempus Fugit course with the distance of 17.6km. The first off was at 18:10 and being a TT we didn't have to worry about the manic mass start, but that didn't mean we could go off any easier. It was full gas, and as I'm sure we all felt it was a little tougher as we didn't have our groups to stay in to pull us along. It was keeping on the full gas by ourselves trying to hold that pace the whole distance, saving that little bit if we still had it for the little sprint at the end.

Week 7
This week we had another last minute course change, which took us to Watopia and the Sand & Sequoias course at 23km.We were all held in our own separate Cat holding pens, As the clock ticked down for a mass start we all changed gears up and get our watts per kilo as high as we could get for the start. As we all set off at the usual fast pace all the groups mixed together. This was good as it gave us all a chance to go at a faster pace with the higher Cats. It was a fast first half as we went through the Fuego Flats Dessert where all the groups pretty much all stayed mingled, as i saw David Yates & David James many times in my group. It was when we hit the first climb out of the flats into Titans Gove when the main splits started to appear. Everyone then had to dig in deep to try and hang on to the group you were in knowing the hardest part of the course is still to come. Then the pressure hit as we went up Titans KOM. Then keep pushing through the rest of Titans as we approached the end as we returned back into the Flats. Then it was full gas to race for the finish line. you can see how close we all were in our cats by the finish times.
Its good to see and Welcome back to the racing Rob James.
Once again well done to one and all

Week 6
This week we entered the TFC Mad Monday race. As when we last did one of their races there was a last minute course change. It took us off to New York for the Gotham Grind Course at 38km.
We all had our separate Cat Pens with a 1 minute delay start between each Cat. As always it was a fast start for all so it was necessary to dig in deep to keep up with the leading groups. From the start you could hear the moans and groans from everyone. Most of us managed to hold on for the first Lap as the groups started to split again on the climbs.
D Cat Hectic start... David was aware of, D James, P Hill and Lotte B being in the same group for a few minutes. Then David Yates bridged across to a small group in front. As with all the Cat's you could see your fellow club mates and all tried to stay together for as long as possible.
As the laps continued it got harder to stick with your group as those hills made it tough for tired legs to hold on. it was the last lap where the splits grew bigger as the pace was increased and some of us just couldn't hold on any more. Everyone crossed the line with great relief to give those legs a well deserved rest.
It was good to see some more new faces joining the races, and that some have decided to make the jump to a higher cat.
That was a Hard Race well done everyone.

Week 5
This week we headed to the 2018 UCI WORLDS COURSE SHORT LAP (INNSBRUCK).
This involved having to race a climb of 700m at an average of 5.4%.
The racers were all held in separate pens and started all at the same time. Even though we knew it was a big hill climb we all went off at a fast pace. We were soon starting to climb, going under the underpass we all knew we were about to hit the climb. This is when all the groups started to split. You could hear how hard everyone was working to get up this hill. It was great to hear the A riders had reached the top, and knowing that you still had a way to go. I think we can all say how impressed we were when we saw Sally steaming full speed ahead past us. With great relief we had reached the top and had the downhill ahead of us. So it was a fast downhill into the town. We had one more short but steep incline followed by a down hill, then the sprint to the Finish.
It was a great effort by all as i think we all smashed our PBs on the hill climb.
A BIG well done to one and all as that was the hardest race so far in the series.

Week 4
This week we headed to Watopia for the RUHRRIDERS POTT-RACE with a last minute route change to Figure 8.
This was another fast course with its climbs.
As usual it was another fast start for all groups apart from the A's who decided to join the B's this week. All stuck pretty much together until the hills when the groups started to split into smaller groups. These stayed together until almost the end and the last of the climbs. Then the last of the groups started to split, ready to race to the line. Lots of moans and groans as everyone dug deep to the top of the climb, and then the last sprint down hill to the finish Line. Again a big well done to all riders as that was slog.

Week 3
Took us to New York for the EVR Europe Race The 6 Train Reverse.
A Flat course - depending on your view point! The race was a mass start which resulted in a fast start for all. By the second lap the short, but steep, little hill on the finishing line started the split in all the cat groups and allowed everyone to settle down into small groups which kept each other going. In which resulted in good group racing for the line.

Week 2
Another good turnout for week 2 of the Captains Race Series.
This week we headed off to the Team TfC Mad Monday Race Series which resulted in  a last-minute change course to Watopia Flat Route. As many of us would say not quite so flat. We all eagerly waited in our starting pens for the start. No-one couldn’t believe how quick the start went off. Everybody dug in deep to go with the groups and hang on the best they could. But with such a fast start and having to dig in so deep and legs burning it took its toll on a couple. For the rest they settled into a group they were with and hung in there to the end. I think we can all agree that was a hard-fun race to be in, but so glad for the finishing line.

Week 1
This week saw a great start to the Captains race series.
It was sweat, tears and pain and started with the WKG winter league Richmond UCI Worlds course.
This proved to be a fast, tough course with most riders getting PBs (great effort all). With 3 climbs at the end of each lap,  it makes for a tough finish for the line.
It helped having discord connected so riders could see how everyone else was getting on and knowing they were not the only one struggling to hang on. (so much so Chris’s neighbors had to check he was ok 😊).
There was a good turnout including a good number of new faces. both male and female, joining us.
Look forward to next week!