General NewsGravelanche 2021

Today marked the first running of the HWCC Gravelanche. 112 off road miles, 8.5hours riding time, so not only a big physical effort but a real test of teamwork and mental strength. Incredible scenery, perfect trails and smiles all round.

It would have been a long journey by car but I’d recommend more riders to join in next year. Full suss mtb probably more comfortable, if heavier, than gravel bike. This singular ride made up for all the bike rides and trips that have been cancelled over last 18 months. Around mile 85 I was looking into the fuel tank and there didn’t look like a lot was left. We had 27 miles, or two hours, to go. But then somehow you carry on and emerge back at Watlington, with about 5 miles to go, and you discover you’ve got one match left. You light it and find yourself racing back through the sun lit ridgeway trails. Back to the Lambert, back to the start, psyche enriched. We smashed it. And all around you can hear the murmur of approval from the pilgrims and settlers who travelled the ridgeway before us.