High Wycombe Cycling Club is affiliated to:-

British Cycling is the main body which governs and controls all forms of cycle sport in the UK. Road time trials are governed and controlled by Cycling Time Trials under a joint agreement between the two organisations. Direct individual membership of BC and a BC licence is required to undertake road and track racing within the UK. . We strongly advise members to join BC as gold, silver or bronze members as this gives them third party insurance cover and the support of BC’s legal department in the event of any dispute with a third party during cycling activities. The High Wycombe Club is affiliated to BC through BC’s Central Division.

Cycling Time Trials governs and controls all road time trial activity in the UK. Direct membership is not required, as members can enter ‘Open’ time trials via CTT’s portal as first claim members of the HWCC. The Club is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials through CTT’s London West division, which has delegated powers to govern and control all road time trials in it area.

Cycling UK is a cycling organisation that provides support to all cyclists, whether they compete or not, and provides individual third party insurance and access to a legal department in the event of issues in a similar way to British Cycling. Cycling UK is a re-branded organisation which was for a very long time called the CTC – the Cycling Tourists Club. It provides club insurance for social events and reliability trials, and undertakes campaigning activities on behalf of all cyclists. Individual membership of Cycling UK is recommended to our members if they are not members of British Cycling.

The West London Combine is an affiliation of local clubs in our London West area. This group of clubs organise a programme of time trials throughout each season just for members of the Combine clubs. These events have the status of club events, and entry to them is via the WLC secretary in each member club. A big difference between WLC events and so called ‘Open’ events is they are also available to second claim members of the Club whereas entry to ‘Open’ events are restricted to first claim members only.