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High Wycombe Cycling Club – Evening Time Trial Series Competition Rules 2021

In conjunction with these Series Competition Rules please read the associated COVID Precautions rules and guidelines for the series.

1. The Series is open to all first and second claim members of HWCC. Private rides are also permitted and are also eligible for prizes.

2. Private riders must be member of a club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT).

3. Alternatively riders who are not members of a club affiliated to CTT may participate in the series under the ‘Come and Try’ it rules. This allows newcomers to time trialing to ride three events, after which time they are required to join a cycling club affiliated to the CTT if they wish to continue participating in CTT time trials.

4. As a gesture to Club members during the COVID restricted period entry fees are waived until the 22nd of June, when it is expected that we may be able to return to something like more normal conditions for time trialling. The Club is able to offer this because of the generous financial support we receive from our sponsors. Private riders will however still be required to pay a fee of £5.00 per event. The exact amount of cash on the night is required. NO change will be given. The Club is still required to pay event levies to the CTT for each ride undertaken.

5. Assuming COVID restrictions are eased from around mid June onwards we anticipate running the remaining part of the evening series under less restricted circumstances with Longwick Hall possibly available each Tuesday evening. At which point event fees for Club members will become £5.00 per event and that for privates £6. 00. Payment will be in cash at the start unless we have a cashless system in place.

6. Prizes will be awarded for each event in the series as follows :

• Veteran’s 1st £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £5.
• Fastest male £15.
• Fastest female £15.
• Fastest Junior (U18 on the first of January) 1st £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £5.

7. Riders are only eligible for a prize in one category. The category must consist of at least two eligible riders for a prize to be awarded

8. Veteran’s times will be calculated using Veteran standards. There are no separate mens’ and ladies’ prizes in this category as prizes will be awarded against age related veterans standards, rather than actual time.

9. A number of events will be reserved for particular categories i.e. road bike 2 up etc. Only riders who fulfil the entry criteria (i.e. road bikes) will be eligible for prizes. Non eligible riders will still be timed but will not be considered for prize money.

10. Prizes will be paid to winners via electronic bank transfer once the results have been confirmed.

11. High Wycombe Club members who enter an evening series event will be required to assist as a marshal or start pusher at two other events during the course of the evening series. This is irrespective of the number of events entered.

12. Riders who have not committed to assist at two events will not be considered for prizes.

13. All competitors MUST wear an approved hard shell helmet.

14. All competitors shall have a clearly visible and brightly illuminated red rear light firmly fixed to their bike for all events. This is now a mandatory CTT requirement for ‘Open’ and ‘Club’ time trials. This requirement will be strongly enforced by the start team who can prevent a rider from starting.

15. HWCC strongly advise that all competitors also have a flashing white front light.

16. Competitors must sign on in Longwick Layby and collect their number prior to the advertised start time of the event. No late entries will be accepted after the event has started. This will be 7.01pm for most of the evening series. Social distancing MUST be observed whilst the current Lockdown continues. Please read the associated COVID rules and requirements issued with these competition rules.

17. No ‘U’ turns are allowed in the road in the vicinity of the start area. Riders must not ride through the start point once the event has started.

HWCC 27th March 2021