Our club rides are intended to be a safe environment for all riders. This is not intended to be a set of rules nor a comprehensive guide to group riding. Communication, common sense and respect are key – if you’re not sure about something on a ride then please ask the ride leader for clarification.
Always obey the Highway Code.

  • Rides should be even paced and comfortable for the whole group.
  • There should be no racing on club runs. On the day the whole group (not just the leader) needs
    to be mindful of the slowest rider.
  • Maintain awareness of the people behind you, if they have dropped back for any reason, then
    bring it to the attention of the group. Remember that the easiest place for a struggling rider is
    second in line – so please consider encouraging them to ride there.
  • Ride two abreast where it as safe to do, so but be prepared to single out when necessary. Ride
    immediately behind the rider in front – do not overlap either forwards or sideways. Never ride
    more than two abreast.
  • Do not react, in any way, to perceived incidents of bad driving.
  • Ride with the group which best suits your ability. If in doubt then try a slower group or ask a ride
    leader. If you are dropping down to a slower group, for any reason, then please ride at their
    speed and don’t force the pace.
  • Carry personal details and some money.
  • Carry drinks and food, even on short rides.
  • Carry enough tools to get you out of common problems like punctures or loose fittings. It’s easier
    to change an inner tube than it is to repair a puncture at the roadside (especially if it’s cold or
    wet). Carry two spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a pump and spanners / allen keys to fit as the
  • Communicate. A call of ‘Ease up’ should be passed up the line if a rider is struggling. Always
    pass calls along – the leader will not hear calls from the back of the group.
  • Point out pot holes and hazards, backed up with a call if necessary (or for particularly dangerous
  • Respect the ride leader’s decision at all times.